Ulasan Buku : Adultery


To love abundantly is to live abundantly. To love forever is to live forever. Eternal life is coupled with love. Why do we want to live forever ? Because we want to live another day with this person by our side. Because we want to keep going with someone who deserves our love, and who knows how to love us as we think we deserve to be loved.

Linda have a wonderful husband who is not only madly in love with her but also the owner of a large investment fund. She have two children, have good work as a journalist and more grateful for the blessings life has bestowed upon her.

Oneday, she must going interview her ex-boyfriend from high school about the politician. Jacob is now a family man, married to a professor and he is not enjoying his marriage and at the same time, Linda trying to break the rules by cheating her husband and planning to make Jacob and his wife divorce.

Why Linda doing all of these while she know her relationship with Jacob has no future and she will turned her back on the man with whom she have built a life. She cant say she’s unhappy but she’s increasingly lonely, though no one knows. She needs company even though she surrounded by loved ones who care about her and even when she’s among friend.

She need to see psychiatrist to know what caused her depression either she have any psychological problem or she lived in apathy which is mean pretending to be happy, sad, having fun or slept well.

What happened with her “happily married” ? Will she choose Jacob and left her husband and her kids ? What caused her depression even though she have a good life to live ? What exactly she want in her life ? To know more, lets read Paulo Coelho in Adultery ! No spoiler 😁

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